Advertising and signage

Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor adverts are as effective today as they were a decade ago, even with all the strides made in technological advancement that has challenged the traditional ways of media consumption.
Increasingly, people are spending more time than ever before commuting to and from work, school, leisure etc. and thus Outdoor advertising remains an effective medium of reaching all categories of audience where they live, work, or transit.
Skyway Group provides strategic advertisement spots that maximise brand communication exposure to high traffic on a regular basis, covering major towns, highways, and transit locations. The current solutions include;

In Store Advertising

This is an advertising medium that is very effective at reaching target clientele when they are much more receptive to brand communications. This method of advertising has the leverage of reaching those normally hard to reach through mainstream media.
We provide signage and customized Instore solutions that enhance consumer / shopper interaction with brands and brand communications at the moment of choice. The current solutions include;
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